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Verity audio

Verity Aaudio Lohengrin IIS威力顶级家庭影院音响

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内容摘要:Product DescriptionThe Verity Audio Lohengrin - for unsurpassed audio nirvana.2” Pure aluminium ribbon Tweeter5” Midrange-Woofer Driver9&quo...



Product Description

The Verity Audio Lohengrin - for unsurpassed audio nirvana.

  • 2” Pure aluminium ribbon Tweeter
  • 5” Midrange-Woofer Driver
  • 9" Lower Midrange Driver
  • 15” Rear-firing Woofer Driver

Verity Audio's Lohengrin IIS is an uncompromising design that is the result of twenty-five years of wholehearted commitment to loudspeaker research. It effortlessly competes among the ranks of the world's most respected loudspeaker designs, doing so through a combination of proprietary design features and individual components for which Verity Audio makes no compromise. All drive units have been designed by Verity Audio, including the unique pure ribbon that is built entirely in-house. The cabinet's design provides an ideal acoustic environment for the extraordinary drive units, and it is also visually stunning. Most importantly, Lohengrin IIS delivers an unprecedented balance of detail, dynamics, and overall musicality. It is literally a force to be reckoned with.

Soundstage Review here. AV Guide Review here.
Download the full brochure here.

  • Bandwidth of 15 Hz to 60,000 Hz;
  • Efficiency: 95 dB @ 2.83 Vrms & 1 meter on axis;
  • Unique Verity Audio rear woofer configuration for extreme definition down to the lowest octaves.
  • All custom-made and proprietary transducers using state-of-the-art technologies;
  • Resonance free, pure Verity Audio aluminum foil ribbon tweeter;
  • Superb proprietary 5" (127mm), 9" (229mm) and 15" (380mm) mid-and-bass transducers;
  • Bi-wireable and bi-amplifiable;
  • Wide amplification selection starting at 5 watts up to unlimited power;
  • Beautifully crafted and finished with exquisite Italian lacquer;
  • Nicely packed and delivered in deluxe Air Transportation Approved metal cases.

What's new in the "S" revision:

Because Lohengrin is a highly accurate loudspeaker system, every owner deserves a room integration allowing the extraction of every bit of performance. To accomplish this, we deeply studied the effects of in-room loudspeaker mechanical coupling and did research on how to appropriately eliminate any loudspeaker-room-coupling interference. After a year of research, Verity found the solution which was brought to the new Lohengrin IIS.

For this solution to become an integral part of the loudspeaker, the Lohengrin IIS also needed its crossover network to be completely redesigned, complying with this new knowledge.

The new Lohengrin IIS is equipped with a new isolation system that both control mechanical and acoustical floor interference. It is inserted between the lower cabinet and the floor, measures 3-3/4 inch thick and having the same shape of the bottom cabinet surface. Underneath the isolation system there are 4 height-adjustable discs for proper leveling and additional isolation. Inside the platform lies the secret of this system where a well studied high-tech material arrangement is acting as an effective filter.

Better loudspeaker room integration, will open up the window of performance possibilities you can achieve with such a refine product. Because of room deficiencies most loudspeakers will, at their best, bring the performance in your room. But in fact, really good speaker-room integration should indeed transport you where the performance took place. And you should expect no less from such a refine loudspeaker as the Lohengrin IIS.


      Bandwidth: 15Hz to 60kHz (-3dB)
      Woofer: 15" Doped polypropylene cone
      Lower Midrange: 9" Doped polypropylene cone
      Midrange: 5" Doped polypropylene cone
      Tweeter: 2" Pure aluminium ribbon tweeter
      Power: 5w min to unlimited (8ohm)
      Sensitivity: 95dB (1w / 1m)
      Break-in Time: 75hrs (63%), 400hrs (99%)
      Impedance: 8 Ohms (min 4ohm)
      Dimensions: 1520 x 485 x 595mm (HxWxD)
      Weight: 227Kg (pair)

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